Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

It is hard to believe that we haven’t posted anything in almost 6 months!  We have, however,  been super busy with Trust activities and working hard to discover new outlets for our mission of supporting students interested in fimmaking, music and the literary arts in particular.

We are preparing to make our third of three contribtuions to Booker High School’s film and Guitar programs.  We will soon be posting new photos and music performances of the Booker students directly affected (blessed) by the Trust’s donations.  And, we just received the fabulous project results from the 2012 AMOA-Arthouse’s Advanced Young Artists’s program to which the Trust has committed contributions over 5 years.  We will be presenting the finished works any day now. 

Our recent main focus has been the creation of a Safety in Filmmaking program.  It is an arduous process (we are creating an app with the help of very talented people) but we expect its finalization by year’s end.  Then, the really hard work of convincing film programs, students, parents and insurance companies of the necessity (not nicety) of this program.    

We have  narrowed our selection for a “home” for the John H. Lamensdorf Memorial Scholarship (for excellence in production) to two organizations and will make our final selection over the summer.  The first annual scholarship will then be awarded in 2014.  

We are delighted to report that we have sold all but 31 tee shirts!!!!  A friend of John’s is mulling over the idea of creating a limited edition piece of artwork – she is trying to decide exactly what to create as a fundraising activity.  Lori  is an amazingly talented artist so we are very excited about this prospect.

More very soon on other gratifying activities in honor of John.