Friday, September 21st, 2012

We recently received a most gracious and lovely thank you from Kayleigh who was awarded the 2012 John H. Lamensdorf Memorial Scholarship at the New York Film Academy.  Here is a smidgen of Kayleigh’s thank you note:

“I cannot express to you how honored I am to be able to accept this grant.  My family and I were in awe of what you are bringing to my life with the NYFA. I have always been an indiividual who is open to exploring many new things, but I’ve come to sort of an agreement with myself that film is my true calling out of my other hobbies and talents.  There is something about the idea of producing such vivid and poetic ideas along with a clear aesthetic that really catches my attention.  To be able to continue my film education at such a terrific place in NYC is one adventure I am both looking forward to and am sure – scratch that – positive – I will never forget.  Aside from the experience itself, I will surely never forget what your family has done for me.

I am deeply saddened  by the story of your son John’s passing.  The thing I found most special about him was the success he found within himself at such young ages.  I am glad to see that he could pursue his aspirations from such early points of his adolescence and truly go for what he wanted in life through the arts.  I really hope I can take some of that positive and ambitious vibe with me to the film academy.  One last time, I want to really thank you with all I can.  I appreciate your family beyond the seas for granting me such a  prestigious opportunity.”

A fantastic feeling to know we may have a hand in changing a young person’s life through John’s legacy.