Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The new year finds us very busy with trust activities!  We will be rewarding both Booker High School VPA program and the 48 Hour Guerilla Film Competition with their 2nd of 3 annual contributions this week.  We are most proud of how each of these organizations has used their donations. As spring arrives, we will announce the 2012 recipients of the National Guitar Workshop and New York Film Academy scholarships.

In 2012, our focus will center on the creation of a Safety in Filmmaking program that will be available to all through an interactive web based program.  It is our goal to promote this program to filmmakers and film programs throughout the world.  It is extraordinarily sad how little instruction is available on safety and how casual the attitude toward safety is even at the most prestigious organizations.  In addition, we hope that insurance companies will demand the completion of our program so as to qualify for film set insurance.  A challenging goal but one we know we can accomplish.

This year will also find us awarding the inaugural (and generous) ”John H. Lamensdorf Excellence in Filmmaking Award.”  We have spent much of the last 8 months meeting wth representatives of film programs, universities, film festivals and other related organizations to determine which potential collaboration would best match our intent.  A decision will be made shortly. 

On April 1, 2012 (2nd anniversary of John’s website) we will be sending out a mailing that highlights all the trust has accomplished, lives it has changed and the honor it is bringing to John’s legacy.