We enthusiastically welcome you to the John H. Lamensdorf Memorial Website. We wanted to showcase all that John accomplished in his young life and provide a convenient and innovative mechanism for donations to John’s Memorial Trust.

We hope you browse through the photo gallery to experience the many faces of John. You can tell when John was in NYC for a long spell - he wouldn't let anyone cut his hair! As you can see through these photos, John progressed from always holding trucks, to books, to movies and finally to cameras.

Gracious thanks to all who provided photos and especially to those involved in the creation of the inaugural, limited edition, John H. Lamensdorf Tee shirt. It’s very cool!

An equally important goal is to offer this website as a tool in the sharing of young artists’ work especially in the fields of film, music or literature. We would love to post links to your work or website, so please share them with us.

We can’t wait to award the first scholarships in John’s name. Look for announcements of these scholarships in our Blog section.